SCIT PRO 1.9.5 Beta in the works!

Happy 4th of July!  We are working on some stability issues as well as improvements to the storm cone/wedge graphics. Some users have reported issues when SCIT PRO is abnormally closed to due a power failure or other system crashes.
SCIT PRO is designed to re-connect correctly as long as you log in from the same machine that SCIT PRO closed.  Another issue we found is if SCIT PRO runs for a lengthy period of time, it sometimes misses the storm report updates although it appears to be running. We have simplified the data retrieval logic to always download after a pre-determined amount of time, whether data is old or new. Now for the fun part. We have updated our wedge/cone graphics to show the 15 minutes time interval along the storm path more readily. Below is screenshot of the new graphics.

We have also eliminated that nasty blue circle that you see above on CELL O6 and moved the CELL ID close to the cone.
We will  be testing these fixes over the next several days and hopefully release the Beta soon after….

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