SCIT PRO 2.0 Update

Hello ALL!

We have reached a milestone with development. We’ve completed about 85-90% of SCIT PRO. This means we are close to releasing to beta testers. We have purposely left out the cell and meso trend charts for now to expedite this. If enough people warrant their return, we’ll update the software to include the feature. IF there is a feature that you use extensively and would like to see us keep in, please let us know so we don’t miss it. You can reply here or email us at support at

Below is a screenshot of SCIT PRO 2.0 operating!

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4 Responses to SCIT PRO 2.0 Update

  1. Keith Boyer says:

    I saw some comments about this software on GRL3 today (2.16). What is your process for beta testing?

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    Keith Boyer N4TRN
    Orange County ARES
    Asst. Emerg. Coord. (AEC) Skywarn Orange County, FL

  2. Stephen Duitsman says:

    Maximum Tracking Range of storms doesn’t seem to be working. It is set for 10 miles, but is showing cones at 100 miles from set nexrad location. Wondering if I have a wrong setting somewhere?

    • somdwx says:

      It depends on what your reference point is. If it’s the actual NEEXRAD site itself then yes, it could show up. If you reference point is your home location then no.

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