Main Features

Supports GRLevel3 , GRLevel 2, GRAE, and Weather Studio V3
Displays storm path projections with mouse over information windows
Ability to define storm cell severity levels based on a wide range of parameters
Advanced Filtering capabilities allows users to select the only the cells of interest to them
Customizable audio alerting (voice and alarms) settings for TVS, Mesocyclone, and Hail parameters
Cell Trend Window that allow users to view the condition/intensity of a particular cell
Mesocyclone Trend Window shows roational trends that preclude possible tornadic action

Additional Features

Automatic email/texting of alerts of storm cells that fit your filter criteria
Ability to auto locate based on change in GRLevel3’s NEXRAD location
Ability to display Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) of storms cells over particular cities and towns
Status Window shows overall status of storms being tracked
Realtime NEXRAD radar status that show if site is up or down
Ability to upload placefile data to remote servers
GPS Support
Auto Save of SCIT table to bmp file

And much more…

Dedicated Support

Southern Maryland Weather has been in existence for over 10 years. As the developer of SCIT Pro, we pride ourselves on producing a product truly beneficial to those who seek valuable storm tracking information. We offer several support options to ensure your questions are resolved and your faith in our product remains solid and trustworthy. It is our goal to remain cognizant to the wants and wishes of our clients as needs and situations change.

Free Upgrades

We have constantly been improving this product since it’s inception and will continue to do so. As a licensed customer, you gain the benefits of upgrading to every new release free of charge!

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