Our licensing scheme is based on¬†Digital Rights Management (DRM) using a persistent online authentication paradigm. That is, you can install SCIT PRO on a single machine and successfully connect to our license servers which validates the software against a user’s name and order number. Users could install SCIT PRO on a 100 machines with the same single purchased license but you would only be able to run one machine successfully, while the other 99 machines would be denied access. This is the reason for the additional licenses. Users can purchase additional license seats and can run SCIT PRO on multiple machines simultaneously.

Our pricing for SCIT PRO is as follows:

– $39.95 for the initial license
– $9.95 for each additional license

You can purchase SCIT PRO from our e-Commerce site

All of our online orders are protected by





Please be advised that it can take up to a day or two to get your license information from Fast Spring into our license servers. We will receive a notice from FastSpring that an order has been verified and paid. After this occurs, we can then update our servers with a user’s license information. We usually can normally achieve this in much less time than this (1 or 2 hours).¬† We ask that you wait up to a day before contacting support regarding license issues. If after that time you are still unable to run SCIT Pro, contact us and we will rectify the issue ASAP.

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