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Consult this Users’ Guide to learn more about SCIT PRO’s interface, functionality and capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions from users regarding SCIT PRO’s  installation
and operation.

“After I run SCIT PRO for the first time I keep seeing an alert saying “Invalid License Key or Exceeded Max allowable Licenses”.”

This message is generally due to the fact that a users’ license information has
yet to be entered into our servers.  It can take up to a day or two to get this
information into our systems; However, we can accomplish this very quickly.
We recommend waiting up to a day before contacting us with this issue.

“I am running SCIT PRO and see cells in the table but they are not showing in GRLevel3”

(1)  Make sure you are running SCIT PRO with Administrator rights. This
will allow SCIT PRO to write out files correctly.

(2) Confirm that the cells in the table have a green check mark by them . This
means that those cells have passed the Filter criteria and will be updated
in the resultant place file.

(3) Ensure the FIXED FILE NAME option is checked in the Configuration Screen.
This will allow SCIT PRO to created the SCIT_PF.txt file. This is the
resultant place file that SCIT PRO creates for GRLevelX.

(4) Ensure that you have entered SCIT_PF.txt in the Place File manager list in GRLevelX.

“Many of the cells in the table are all colored purple”.”

This is due to the fact that the cells.txt file is not present in the SCIT directory or all the
values in the file are zeros. By going into the CELL ATTRIBUTES menu you can set the
values to what you need and SCIT will save them off to the correct severity colors


Our support Staff frequently uses TeamViewer to remotely assist users in getting their SCIT PRO
system setup correctly and allows us to successfully debug any issues that users may have.
It is a remote control/access program that allows us to assist users in getting SCIT PRO
operating in a very short timeframe. It is completely secure and any access is controlled via the user.

You can get a copy of TeamViewer here for Free!

Contact Support

Use this option if you can not find your answer from the aforementioned resources.

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