“This program remains the best SCIT program for GRLevelX products I know of.”

J. Williams

and does this thing ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– J. Sturtevant

“Starting playing with the program today! Loving it already.
Took me a little bit of time to figure out some of the bells and whistles.
Big thanks to Jim for taking some time answer my questions through email.”

-B. Dodson

“I’d like to Thank Jim for his assistance in installing SCIT PRO.
I’d highly recommend SCIT PRO for any weather follower, chaser or lover!

-M. Bromberg

“This is shout out to the guys over at SCIT Pro and their support team.
Thank you guys for all your help over the last several days.
This product rocks! Keep up the good work!!!”

-C. Highfill

“Not only is the software great, but their customer service is even better.
They responded to my questions and had things set-up for me the same day.
Can’t get any better than that! Thanks.”

-Dr. M. Moyer

“I can’t tell you enough how useful this app is. We maintain weather observation systems for the FAA and other airports, as well as other outside telemetry and communication sites. Having this coupled with GR software makes forensics and real-time monitoring a snap.”

-T. Nichols
Remote Systems Integration, LLC

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